Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Memorandum vs Raila Odinga

The original memorandum with Muslims did it's way round inboxes two weeks ago.

Wake up this morning and the newspapers finally got their hands on it - but wait... this isn't the one we read with enough 'haiyas'!

Hon Raila's team did damage control with this ad. Didn't get to read it all coz it's simply plain old politics.

Art direction is okay. No comments on copy apart from the stinger right at the end: 'Thou shalt not lie. AND THOU SHALT NOT STEAL.' That, my brother, is defense using the wrong weapon.

Safaricom Most Respected Company

In 2006, their profits translated to Kshs14,000/- a minute. In 2007, they were insanely higher.

Their not too pretty customer service seemed to be ignored as CEOs looked at those profits, kicked each other under the mahogany table, and checked the box with Safaricom's name.

Earlier in 2007, Safaricom got rid of the beautiful swoosh in their logo and replaced it with a not too pretty arc-y thing-y.

Beautiful choice of image for this ad. A little silhouetting of the lady carrying the trophy would have been a nice touch. The copy also needs some working - very clunky.

Barclays Most Respected Financial Institution

It's the time of the year when companies put out full page ads to spite their competitors.

The judge panel at the Most Respected Company of the Year Awards is made up of East African CEOs. So there might be the chance one will vote for another depending on their handicap on the green.

The big blue bank changed agencies earlier this year. Nice and simple concept from the big red agency off Lenana Road. The copy is brief and to the point, just the way it should be. Drop shadow on the trophy could have been done much better.

Will the ad make me move back to Barclays? I don't think so. But that wasn't the brief, was it?